Noting thoughts

Over the years, I’ve found myself constantly capturing my thoughts in different formats, to prevent them from getting lost. Thoughts, once lost – are very hard to retrieve. This practice has always been more than mere thought-keeping activity for me; it’s a gateway to deeper exploration and understanding of certain topics.

I always wanted to write books on certain subjects – but this goal proved to be harder than planned as it requires a lot of time and discipline. In my archives I have several ‘books’ that I started, but they remain unfinished due to multiple reasons.

Unlike writing books, writing articles is easier and more natural for me. Given that I had been doing it in different forms for fifteen years, I decided to share my thoughts and observations in this way. In a world of consumerism, where most people just consume other people’s content or create it in the form of very short cringe-worthy social media statuses, I find a profound value in the act of creating new, thoughtful content

I plan to write articles on subjects that pique my interest, including social activism, self-improvement, and philosophy. I aim to focus on similar or related topics that could potentially morph into books. This practice not only allows me to convey my ideas but also to preserve them for future expansion. Through this process, I embrace the art of article writing as a meaningful and fulfilling form of expression.