A critique of democracy – A Cautionary Tale of Voting for the Pilot


Imagine a situation where an airplane, ready for flight with 350 passengers, is left without a pilot due to an emergency. In an unexpected turn of events, the passengers decide on an unusual approach: they will vote to choose a replacement pilot among themselves. Ten candidates volunteer for this peculiar duty: two athletes, an actress, a professional driver, two engineers, a doctor, a plumber...

A Critique of Democracy – Two Alcoholics Outvote A Professor.


In my hometown, there are three taverns and a “shop and a half.” You might wonder, how ‘and a half’? The other shop often doesn’t operate regularly, being closed more often than open. Every time I visit my hometown, I inevitably come across people spending time in the gardens of these three taverns. I am fascinated by the fact that some of them arrive in the morning...

A Critique of Democracy: Capability Before Morality


What candidates with a quality portfolio most often highlight in elections is their level of education, work experience, achievements, and similar attributes. This is certainly commendable, and candidates who hold public offices should indeed be educated and capable. A person who does not understand economics, law, medicine, engineering, etc., cannot make correct decisions in these fields nor...

A critique of democracy – a focus on popularity


One of the fundamental challenges during the election process lies in the fact that candidates are primarily chosen based on their popularity, rather than their abilities or the correctness of their ideas. The main ambition of every candidate during an election is not to become the best person for a particular position but to win as many votes as possible. To achieve a high number of votes, a...

A Critique of Democracy – Introduction


Often on the streets, in the news, and on the internet, I hear people use the term ‘democratic’ and democracy as something most positive, something unparalleled. ‘That’s not democratic’ – is used instead of that’s not good, that doesn’t suit me, I disagree with that. Democracy is taken as the pinnacle of social organization, as a kind of utopia...